Avoiding a Sore Penis

In general, most men wish to avoid anything which may produce an aching penis. One of the reasons some guy pays attention to good penis care is really his penis are not sore when because of the opportunity to enter into action. But some men do enjoy certain sexual roles which, when they provide them with pleasure, could also result in a very sore penis. One such situation may appear when a person enjoys wearing a male chastity cage (or similarly male chastity device) around his penis.

This presents a catch-22 situation. Many times a male who enjoys having his penis bound up in a very male chastity cage is also a person who likes to engage in submissive play also,which again could lead to the penis and/or balls being manhandled or else inflicted with varying numbers of pain. And indeed, on the list of purposes of the chastity cage is usually to provide pain if the penis becomes erect. So does a guy with a chastity cage really need to avoid a painful penis?

The answer varies

There’s no strict answer to this question, but an extremely general rule might be that if a person’s experience having a chastity cage is relegated to role playing, as an alternative to to what could possibly be termed a way of life choice, he or she is perhaps more leery of a painful penis caused by his experiences. In other words, if a person likes to spend a few hours playing a submissive role to some partner that features the use of an cage for two or three hours, he could be probably not looking for a lingering sore penis experience. On the other hand, in the event the man won’t view his submissiveness like a role he’s playing but more as a possible expression of who he really is, this individual be more inclined to examine penis pain being a welcome complication of having his penis imprisoned within a cage.

Avoiding a painful penis

So assuming a painful penis is usually to be avoided, precisely what are some strategies a male should employ when involving in limited cage play?

– Only do so that has a trusted partner. This goes without saying, but role playing should simply be entered into having a willing partner that is “on exactly the same page” about rules.

– Establish keywords. The participants decide on words make use of to stop the sport. Otherwise, somebody may assume that a person’s request to get removed through the cage is perhaps all part of the fun.

– Limit in time the cage. Some urologists suggest no greater than 3-4 hours at one go.

– Choose the cage carefully. Some are intended specifically to create pain or discomfort, for example those lined with little metal points or bumps.

– Beware of the load. Although cages are relatively small, they could be relatively heavy – understanding that extra weight could potentially cause some unexpected soreness.

Many people discover that a point of penis pain helps fulfill them sexually. Experimenting with this tends to add to one’s love life, but some guy should still take the appropriate steps to make sure no real damage has been done to the penis.

A sore penis, whether coming from a chastity cage, over-exertion or any other reasons, may gain advantage from the regular application of an top drawer penis health crème (doctors recommend Man 1 Man Oil, and that is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best crème will incorporate vitamin C among its ingredients. This vitamin is really a key component of collagen, that gives tone and elasticity to penis skin. The crème must also include L-arginine, an amino acid and that is neuroprotective. When an aching penis ends up with loss of penis sensation, L-arginine can assist restore lost sensitivity.

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