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5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Vegan Diet

Avoiding diets and products that are the result of animal cruelty is known as veganism. This includes refraining from the consumption of dairy food and products, eggs, meat, and in some cases, honey.

Apart from animal cruelty, veganism is practiced to serve as a structural movement against climate change and global warming. The death of these animals is considered environmentally damaging. Hence the term environmental veganism.

All vegans do not follow the same routine diet. They differ in what they eat and the reason behind doing so. The reason could be health-based or just plain addiction to them. Regardless, vegans are plant-based eaters and are susceptible to health problems if they consume the wrong diet.

An engagement with the opinions of foodies on websites such as ReviewsBird.com has shown that most vegans practice veganism to reduce weight and live a healthy life. So if you’ve been looking for vegan food suggestions, the following tips are essential to improving your diet.

1.     Reduce your intake of sodium

Abstaining from the average diet means you have to make some sacrifices and do with others. Most vegans are therefore consuming more sodium than necessary. You’ll find sodium in their soup, crackers, roasted nuts, and others. This intake of salt can cause heart diseases if it’s not well thought out. Recommended salt intake should be ¾ teaspoons every day.

2.     Reduce your sugar intake

There are diets where vegans and non-vegans agree and one of them is the consumption of sugar. Veganism does not apply to sugar and so vegans need to be careful with the amount they consume. They should avoid soda and other drinks with concentrated sugar. The health consequence of consuming excess sugar is obesity, diabetes, cancer, and certain heart diseases.

3.     Avoid large amounts of fat

Although a vegan diet is considered a lifestyle of eating without fat, this does not mean it doesn’t have fat. Coconut oil for example is used in a vegan diet and has been proven with amazing health benefits. Yet it contains fat. Excessive consumption of coconut oil can stoke your body with fat. You need to be conscious and careful with some of these products. Always avoid large amounts of fat.

4.     Consume less processed food

Vegan or not, processed products come with increasing sugar and salt which are very bad for your health. Many vegans find soy sausages, soy chicken, and other soy substitutes appealing, but the truth is the processed food comes with an additional amount of salt and sugar. Try to reduce the consumption of food with much processing.

5.     Up your vitamin D game

Necessary for calcium and phosphate, vitamin D keeps your teeth, bones, and muscle together. Your diets should be stoked on supplements of vitamin D especially since intakes of calcium could be minimal. A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone loss. A simple way to get the vitamin is to be exposed to the early sun for about 15 minutes or more.


Like non-vegans, vegans also need to be careful about what they eat for nutritional purposes.