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Beware, Dangers Behind Fake Ultherapy Treatment

Ultherapy treatments are now increasingly being looked at as non-surgical aesthetic therapies. President Director of Curamed medical and aesthetic explained, ultherapy does not use laser energy to provide a therapeutic effect but instead uses ultrasound waves.

These waves will be focused to be able to enter certain layers of the skin, and to an adjustable depth.

This treatment will stimulate collagen growth, so the skin will be lifted and tighter. This type of treatment has also passed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) test. This treatment is available at Yishun Clinic

It can have an effect inside or under the skin layer so the skin is firmer because of the growth of new collagen in the skin. “

This treatment can also be done by any age. It’s just that collagen production has begun to decline when someone enters ripe age, which is 35 years and over and you can always consult with Doctor in Yishun for its development

In addition, the quality of collagen is also influenced by daily lifestyle. “If the pattern of life is not good, smoking, exposure to ultraviolet light, it also accelerates the destruction of collagen,” he said. Patients who have ultherapy have penetrated one million patients worldwide.

Even so, we must be careful because in some places there are fake or non-original ultherapy treatments. How to distinguish?

 for example from the effectiveness of treatments that are not optimal. In fact, just one treatment for ultherapy can already show results. “The price might be a little different, but we can’t get the final result and come to us. So it costs twice, for more details, you consult with GP in Yishun for this treatment

the skin in a patient may experience burns. “Because the treatment is done carelessly and the energy is not focused,” Olivia said. Some fake ultherapy devices also don’t have the original visual indicators. Usually, it can be a video that is played continuously so that it looks like the original. The actual ultherapy tool works similar to an ultrasound to check the contents. “The visualization is looping, fake. We doctors have to work, we have help like USG to do it, there is visualization. If there isn’t, then what do we do?” he said. Olivia had the experience of being visited by several patients who had undergone the treatment of fake ultherapy. Some of these patients have severe burns and leave scars, causing hyperpigmentation. The size is quite large. Olivia said it could be as big as an Ultherapy machine. Such cases will usually be very difficult to treat. “When it’s hyperpigmented, it’s already like spots, it’s hard, isn’t it?” “Spots just treat the scar is difficult, better treat acne,” said Olivia. “Especially as intense and intense as that color, as big and as clear as that,” he said. Check authenticity Before carrying out treatment, make sure we go to the right place. The convincing appearance of a beauty clinic does not guarantee that the original ultherapy is used.